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    My Name is Joe (but who cares?) & I’ve Created a High-Risk & Aggressive Roulette System that has NEVER been Seen, & Can Make You Loads of Extra Cash!

    My identity: A roulette player. I am neither a mathematician nor businessman. I put my money where my mouth is. Most roulette systems are written by morons who have NEVER placed a bet. They recycle old methods they find on the internet or Wikipedia. They get rich from your ignorance! I have lost thousands over the years from placing my bets. I have invested time, cash, ambition, desire, drive, motivation and grey matter to devise a roulette system that works…

    In 16 years of playing roulette I’ve learned that the web has been flooded with roulette systems. Dire, super complex, feebly described, naïve, arbitrary and just sheer rubbish!

    Nearly every roulette system on the web or here on eBay is hopeless and (if you want to make money) unusable. They have been devised with no hint of the groundwork that makes them (apparently) successful and yet they are sold indiscriminately.

    Well, I invite you to read this page because what I’m about to reveal is a method of playing roulette that will yield dependable and sustainable profits in a high-risk and aggressive approach.

    Yep, you read that correctly … high-risk and aggressive! NOT for the spineless or craven roulette player. NOT for the coward or the quitter! What I’m revealing to you is an approach that can secure hundreds of units each time you play; or losses if you don’t succeed.

    So why the honesty?

    Well, before you play roulette with some sort of system ask yourself: WHY is this method supposed to work? Think about it, whenever you encounter a roulette system I bet it doesn’t provide any insight into any physical or mathematical problems it attempts to take advantage of … does it? And I bet it NEVER even reveals the empirical logic behind its design. So, before spending your precious money and valuable time reading that c##p ask yourself WHY?

    The answer is simple … the strategy is utter s##t! It really is as plain and as simple and as calculated as that.

    I’m different. I’m going to reveal the mechanics behind this method and disclose how this is the very best roulette system on the market. I detail in my manual a progression that concluded with 124 units of profits! Imagine your outlay started at 1 unit as mine did:

    -You’d have £124 profit.

    -2 units = £248 profit.

    -3 units = £372 profit.

    -4 units = £496 profit.

    -5 units = £620 profit.

    This aggressive strategy can and will replicate these successes. In this example I did see a deficit of 86 units during my progression which is why I claim this to be an aggressive and uncompromising strategy. This is NOT for the feint-hearted or weak-willed; I’m seeking courageous and spirited players who have a bold disposition.

    Don’t think for a minute that this system is a vehicle for the exhausted, fatigued and deadbeat rags-to-riches bulls##t that you’re dog-tired of. Playing this system WON’T enable you to give up work and spend the rest of your life on a sun-kissed beach sipping cocktails with the warm ocean sea lapping at your feet. But it can make you some extra cash. If you can understand why I’ve developed such a proficient approach to roulette you might be able to carefully understand the tactics involved in the system which provides you with the utensils to replicate my success, OR modify and adapt my method and eclipse my success. Either way I don’t care!

    Beyond all else, this roulette strategy is food for thought and stimulation for creativity. But you know what, whether it’s about intellectual challenge or just stuffing your wallet with cash, my system will deliver both.

    Oh and by the way …

    I’m offering a Buy-One-Get-One-Free promotion when you purchase this manual! My other system, the Triple Attack roulette system will also be sent to you free of charge.

    So what’s it all about?

    This system has harnessed these areas of the table:

    -Even Chances

    -Dozens or Columns





    Yep that’s right, we cover most of the table (NOT AT THE SAME TIME) and we cascade and shift to the differing segments after a predisposed aggregate of wins/losses. The system rules are strict and they are designed to affect our success. As boring as this all sounds it’s the backbone and stamina of the method. Payouts are seen across each market which delivers varying profit margins. This approach is the solution to eliminating potential perpetual loss and provides steady and balanced wins in each area of the roulette table.

    Unlike most rubbish methods on the internet you’ll have the opportunity to harness variable profits. Such as: 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, 8:1, 11:1, 17:1. I don’t place all of my eggs into one basket so you will have the opportunity to walk away with some nice wins.

    This strategy is unique and effective. It represents an astonishing opportunity to stuff your wallet with some extra cash with a technique that is established and gainful and lucrative.

    So what are you waiting for? Hit the Buy-It-Now button.

    Thanks to you eBay guys!

    Thank you to everybody who has left generous and positive feedback over the years I’ve been on eBay. You know that I’m a trusted and honourable eBay seller who provides quality roulette systems at modest prices.

    For those of you that are unfamiliar with me allow me to reassure you that what I’m selling today is a quality roulette system that I’ve operated from time-to-time over the years to make money. My expertise in the area of gambling has enabled what was a simple past-time to become a mechanism to making me thousands of pounds!

    I’m now able to successfully and consistently select viable bets. The system here today is a strategy that I vouch for. You WILL make money from this system.

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