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    Ultimate Malware Reverse Engineering Bundle


    Perfect for all skill levels, from a complete beginner to an expert analyst - this bundle has it all.

    So, you want to learn and/or improve upon your existing malware analysis and reverse engineering skills?

    You’ve found the right place.
    Initially created in response to the extreme lack of affordable advanced malware reverse engineering training, the Zero2Automated: Advanced Malware Analysis Course was developed by malware reverse engineers, for malware reverse engineers – with a large focus placed on practical analysis and practical approaches.

    This training walks you through a typical malware infection chain, covering different techniques in use by modern-day threat actors at each stage in the chain – and for each stage we cover a different malware family, so you will be able to experience analysing a vast array of malware throughout this course. From analysing exploit-embedded malicious documents, to reverse engineering a modular implant designed to harvest user credentials, Zero2Automated provides you with everything needed to enhance and advance your malware analysis skillset.

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